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My take on the new logo

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 4, 2014, 11:12 PM
I understand the concepts behind the new logo, but I think the number of concepts is too complex and unrepresented clearly. To quote Milton Glaser:

"You want to move the viewer in a perception so that when they first look at [the logo]...they get the idea, because that act between seeing and understanding is critical."

A great logo needs to be at least 3 of these things:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

It is a simple executed design, yes, but nobody understood what the logo meant or why it was designed this way just by looking at it, which means its too complex. The prior "dA" logomarks worked because it was easy to assume the brand name from the letters, allowing the symbol to live by itself without losing the brand identity. This new logomark, however, cannot successfully live without the logotype of "Deviant Art" and still be associated with the identity. You've dropped the association with "Deviant" and focused only on the "A" of "Art, but not just the actual letter, only a piece of it to create the new symbol. The result is a diluted identity that relies more heavily on the logotype.

It is less memorable than it should be because the shape is easily confused with a variety of other symbols, as demonstrated by the comments people have been leaving here: Z, %, ≠, etc.
The symbol's close likeness to these others should have been quickly and easily recognized early in your critique meetings and made it obvious that wasn't a clearly understood design.

Its not timeless. It reminds me of the Pepsi brand and how they keep trying to reinvent their branding. The previous "dA" logos weren't the most timeless, because they kept changing it in an attempt to be modern at every iteration. But what was timeless was the combination of "d" and "A" that was instantly recognized between the symbol and the name of the site you were visiting. Maybe it's the name that is all dA really needs...?

It is obviously versatile because it can be used anywhere in any color. So there's at least that going for it.

Is it appropriate? Well it does not make me think "deviant art" in the sense of being inclusive of all artists and challenging paradigms like the way dA was founded and grew upon that I've come to believe this place has represented for the last 11 years I've been here. I also don't get the concepts of "magnetic" creativity, or "kindred" community from it at all. Creative? Maybe a bit (if I hadn't seen similar ideas done plenty of times before). But where does a "kindred" community fit into this logo? I fail to see that conclusion from this logo and I think that should have had either a more prominent influence on the design or the intention should have been to make the community an actual part of the decisions. Otherwise this thing really shows no relation to community. Only your background images borrowed from the community show a kindred community.

The previous logos were not the greatest symbols, but they didn't need to be. They were at least simple, memorable, and appropriate. Those who had discovered dA could easily recognize the simple "dA" symbol, regardless of how many aesthetic iterations it went through. This symbol, though, is simply too ambiguous to understand without someone having to explain it. The fact that this article was necessary for everyone to learn what they were looking at is proof. And I must ask, where does "bleed and breed" come into play with this new symbol? How is this "bleeding" for art? How does it represent the "breeding" of creativity?


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